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Residential Summer Camp

Join us for an exciting girls-empowered week exploring the dynamic marine environment of the central coast! This field-oriented, hands-on program will investigate a variety of marine ecosystems, including sandy beaches, Elkhorn Slough, and kelp forest while learning what impact human activities can have. Be introduced to amazing ocean habitats as you gain interest in exploring future marine science careers. Meet fellow ocean-lovers along the way as we surf, kayak, and explore together! Campers must be able to swim.

Activities: surfing, kayaking, boogie boarding, coastal hiking, plankton studies, visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium

Location: California State University, Monterey Bay
Age: 10-13
Fee: $800

Registration limited to 30 campers
Staff to camper ratio is at least 1:6

Session 1: June 11-15, 2017
Time: Sunday 1:00pm - Thursday 1:00pm

Register Registration Opens mid-December
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